To ZOOM or not to ZOOM? That is the question.

  • clarifying its encryption practices
  • removing code that meant information was shared from its iOS app to Facebook
  • releasing fixes for Mac-related issues
  • removing a LinkedIn feature to prevent unnecessary data disclosure
  • issuing guidelines about how to avoid becoming a victim of zoombombing
  • freeze development of new features to focus on safety and privacy
  • conduct a review with independent experts to understand new security features needed for new customers
  • prepare a transparency report on data requests
  • enhance its bug bounty program
  • hold a weekly webinar to provide privacy and security updates

What happens with the Webinars?



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Basil Manoussos, BSc,MSc,MBCS,ACSFS

Basil Manoussos, BSc,MSc,MBCS,ACSFS


Manager of The Cyber Academy, Edinburgh Napier Uni. Expert Witness & Cybercrime Consultant @ Strathclyde Forensics Ltd. Lecturer at UCLy & West College Scotland